This is not the usual approach to photography. It is not concerned with f-stops, shutter speeds, the rule of thirds or what Photoshop filter to use. It is concerned with presenting photography as a part of a communication complex that fully realizes both in expression and presentation.

We use photography for a lot of different things… everything from advertising through fine art to weddings and zoology. If this diversity of use proves anything, it proves that, at its core, photography is truly about communicaton. But unlike a lot of the other communication media, photography is a media that encourages the reader to relate on a personal level, developing a commonality that transcends the photograph and communicates about the subject. And the best presentation is in a book of some form,  allowing the photographs to be combined with text to present the fullest depiction of the subject. The photographs provide information the text can’t and the text provides information that the photographs can’t.

That very simple idea is the basis for all of this… having images and words work together to fully realize the communication of the idea.