After setting your book either as an online book using Joomla or as a downloadable pdf in either LibreOffice Writer or Google Docs, the final step is to have the work published. 

Publishing your work in Joomla is extremely easy. In the same screen where you write your material you will see a green entry in a drop down box that says "Published". In addition you will see the category the work is published to and whether it is going to be featured on the front page of your site or not. If it is not to be included on the front page you will have to create a menu item so visitors to you site can find the work. Below the featured/not featured selection you will see an access selector which will allow you to determine if the work is available to the general public or restricted to certain registered users of the site. Below that you will see a language selector and a box where you can enter tags or keywords. When you save your work in Joomla, it is automatically published unless you have made another selection in the drop down box.

To add the menu link for your article, go to Menus, select Main Menu from the drop down and then select Add New Menu Item. You will have to enter a title for the link and then you will need to select the Menu Item Type. Generally for this kind of work you will want to select Article and then Single Article. After browsing to and selecting the article from the list, accept the rest of the defaults and click save. The item will appear in the menu.

For books set in pdf format, the process is a bit more complicated.

If you have written your book in LibreOffice Writer export it as a pdf file. Make sure you have set the Jpeg compression to 100% (this is the highest quality jpeg available) and the image resolution to 300 dpi which is a good choice if the book is printed. Make sure that all boxes on the right side of the panel are unchecked except for the "create forms" box and the "export bookmarks". Generally accept the defaults in the other panels and click "Export". After exporting to your local computer (generally it is recommended to export to your desktop as this is a convenient location), upload the file to your Google Drive.

For our purposes here, the work will be distributed from your Google Drive account. By necessity work distributed from your Google Drive account is distributed free of charge as there is no e-commerce capability. If you want to charge a fee for your book there are a number of sites where you can distribute your .pdf file. Some offer "free-to-start" plans taking a percentage of the cover price while some are "paid-up-front" sites. Googling "sell my pdf e-books" should get you started.

After uploading your file to your Google Drive account, find it in the file list and select it by single-clicking on it. this will highlight the file name. Next right click on the file name and then select "Share" from the popup menu. After the "Share with people and groups" opens, click in the "Get link" box. When the box changes to the "Get link" dialogue change the the permissions from "Restricted" to "Anyone with the link", copy the link and save it. You can then send the link to anyone you want to share the book with and it will be indexed by spydering search engines on the internet.